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  • Morisot painting4:04
  • How to draw foliage in trees3:34


Interested in something new for your group meeting? In a slide show, full of paintings, learn about French and California Impressionism. Talks can be customized for your group--from 20 minutes to 60 minutes long. Ideal for audiences such as art clubs, support or alumni organizations, civic groups, or anyone else interested in art. 

Here's a sample--telling the stories of painter Berthe Morisot.

From Paris to Pasadena: Stories from Our Impressionist Heritage

Through numerous photos of their paintings, this talk relates the personal stories of French and American impressionist painters—their trials and successes, and how we can learn from their techniques.

Other topics include: 
  • Who painted it better? Comparisons Between Similar Scenes by Monet, Renoir et. al.
  • The Impressionists as Entrepreneurs
  • From Paris to Pasadena—How Impressionism Came to California