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How do Students Benefit?

* Less floundering and more time for creating.
​* Classes offer an immersion experience to learn from the Impressionists
* Studying and sketching master paintings allows students to learn about the “rules of painting” and to improve their techniques.
​* Delving deeply into the lives of the painters—their successes and failures—can give a boost to students’ energy and creativity.
* Comprehensive framework studying all aspects of composition, shapes, values, brushstrokes, color theory and color mixing. * Hands-on experimentation every step of the way to master techniques.


Impressionism Art Tour and Sketching at Museum

Part private art tour, part sketching class, we will go on location in a local art museum to learn a new way of looking at oil paintings—from a painter’s point of view. This tour is ideal for painters who want to learn how to do Impressionism because it includes a segment where we will be closely examining the museum's paintings and doing an exercise on sketching. $40. Please bring a sketch pad and a pencil. Admission to the museum is included.

Email to inquire about dates.  

Series Classes

The 10 Essential Composition Techniques You Need to Improve Your Paintings

The tools every painter needs to improve her paintings. Lessons will include: attraction and point of view; creating your focal point; making lines, shapes, and forms with emotion; dividing spaces in interesting ways; grouping values; and compositional frameworks. Also included are how to work out the problems, determining the viewer's eye movement through the painting; and how to evaluate your painting's composition with the 5 principles of art. 

If you want to take your painting to the next level, this is the class for you. 

Eight weeks, in my studio near Monrovia CA. $160 for 8 classes. Supply list will be provided. Limit of 5 students. Email me for dates