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Classes and Workshops

Taught in our location or yours to study composition, shapes, brushwork, and the impact of light in creating landscapes, seascapes, and still lifes so you can create paintings that are better than ever. 


Guided tours of Los Angeles-area museums, focusing on their Impressionism collections, and discovering the history of Impressionists--what the painters lives were like and how they painted. A tour is a part of each class. 


For art groups, alumni associations, museum support groups, artists, or anyone interested in Impressionism--its history, triumphs and failures, and the stories of the artists who made it. 

Your Art Guide and Teacher

Betsy Woodford is an award-winning oil painter in the impressionist style. She is also a traveler, storyteller, writer and teacher, all of which she brings to Paris to Pasadena Art Workshop.

Through numerous travels in France, Betsy has literally walked in the footsteps of the Impressionist masters, studying and painting in Paris, Normandy and Provence. Her landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and still lifes have won numerous awards and have been accepted into shows and galleries throughout California. Her paintings are in collections nationally and internationally. 

Paris to Pasadena Art Workshop Classes are Unique

In Paris to Pasadena Art Workshop classes, students build their knowledge about Impressionist techniques through hands-on exploration and the use of specially crafted worksheets to practice art methods. 

It’s named a workshop for a reason—students can experiment, try out new ideas and work to incorporate new methods into their paintings. At the workshop, trying new ideas, is the idea. We can get behind the easel of the masters of Impressionism by studying and sketching their paintings in museums, and learning about their lives, fortunes, and philosophies of painting. Recognizing that the common art teaching method—“see it paint it” doesn’t work for everyone, we define the principles of painting, experiment with how they work, and find ways to use them to improve our paintings.